I Forgot To Tell You Something

No two experiences of ADHD are the same.

And life won’t stop while we figure this ADHD thing out. Come into Ron and Liz's world for somethingsomething minutes a week, where life’s ups, downs, and half-finished ideas are celebrated. As two ADHDers, they share their own experiences in real-time, offering a unique perspective on the rollercoaster ride that is life with ADHD. I Forgot to Tell You Something is the ADHD podcast for real life.


Latest Episodes

Ron Capalbo

Ron is an ADHD coach and advocate. He's passionate about normalising the ADHD experience and empowering ADHD peeps to be their authentic selves. He's a superstar validater, and has a voice like honey.

Liz Welshman

Liz is an ADHD coach, speaker and Mum figuring out ADHD parenting on the fly. She's also extremely awkward in photos.  Her hyperfocus is helping ADHD folks and the people who love them make sense of the rollercoaster and bounce back better.

Liz Welshman ADHD Coach
I Forgot to tell you something podcast

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